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Sukhvinder Singh

Factors Responsible For Height Growth

Height is a very important factor of a person’s personality. It is determined by many factors such as heredity, climate and environment. Except it height gain is also affected by the physical condition of a person like his illness or any other accident by which his height increase may get affected. The most important factor responsible for height expansion is heredity. If the person’s parents are not tall so surely he will also get only a small height, he cannot become taller than his parents if he belongs to small height parents. There are many other factors responsible for height growth. Let’s discuss it in brief-

Heredity -As I have already discussed that heredity is the most important and common factor responsible for height. It had been proved by Gregor John Mendal in his law’s of inheritance. But it is a little bit more complex in human beings. Generally we see or notice that the person who is dwarf does not have tall children. So heredity is responsible for height growth.

Our Hormones -All of you must be aware that the growth of every single organ and part is affected by the hormones secreted by our body. From our hair to our nails everything is affected by our hormones. In the same way height growth is also affected by the hormone secreted by pituitary gland. This hormone activates the height growth and makes the person taller. On the other hand if pituitary gland is not able to secret height growth hormone so the person’s height gets affected and he remains dwarf for life time.

Our lifestyle -Our lifestyle plays the most important role in our body growth. It develops or destroys our body and makes our personality good or bad. Our lifestyle affects our hormonal system hence affects our life completely. Now a days people are in the habit of getting up late in the morning and going to bed at late nights. It makes our life and hormonal system worse.

Environment -Environment and climate of a country is also responsible for the difference in the height of different region people. According to one survey the tallest average height was found in Netherlands and the shortest average height of men is found in Cambodia. In the same way the average height of Indian men is 165 cm or 5’5”. So the environment and climate plays and important role in height gain.

Height growth is possible up to the age of 20 or 21 in boys and it is possible up to the age of 17-18 in girls. After an age limit it is not possible to grow height naturally. But still some people claims to grow their height after this age also.

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