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Contiaci Syrup

In a 21st century, all peoples have busy in their life and they have no time for exercise, or for any type of yoga. Due to this reason many people suffer to different types of diseases that cause various type of complication in their daily life. A main disorder that suffers the human being is the disorder of stomach. If our stomach does not work properly than it will not possible to us do all work properly. The human being total health depends on the proper working of the stomach in a body. If stomach works properly, than the digestion of food, assimilation would be properly done in our body, blood production would be increases and no any kind of physical health problem will be occurred and we will enjoy life with good health. If food is not digested properly due to the any kind of problem in stomach than it will cause many kind of diseases in our body like acidity, constipation, indigestion, swelling in stomach, etc.

Hashmi Herbal provides Constiaci syrup that is completely balanced treatment for stomach problems. It is made up of purely herbal ingredients compounds. While the working formula of Constiaci, only which cure the desired effects instantly, improve the overall systems of stomach, reduces the amount of acid in stomach, helps stomach to enable them to perform their functions properly.

This syrup also gives instant relief from the painful constipation and acidity problems, and ensures that the problem so not come again for a long time. It is packed in a unbreakable bottle that helps to prevent the loss of any kind of medicinal property loss and preserve its all effectiveness kind of properties in it.

Advantages of Constiaci Syrup –

  • Possesses the power of the digestion and reinstatement
  • It combines the herbal ingredient that is prepared by the self generated alcoholic process that will retain water and alcoholic soluble principles.
  • It get rids the anxiety, nervous tension and associated symptoms that creates acidity and constipation problems.
  • Helps in period of recovery after prolonged illness related to stomach.
  • Improves the performance of appetite.
  • Helps to easily evacuate the bowels regularly in herbal way.
  • Helps stomach to digest the food easily and gives extra power to them.
  • Reduces belching and tightness of abdomen and intestine to digest food.
  • Stops to making acid in a stomach.

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