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Hirdya Arogya Syrup

Heart is an important organ of our body. This organ in one of them which continuously works 24*7 hours without any kind of rest. Its main function is to pumps the oxygen and various nutrients rich bloods to the all body parts to give them energy to our all body parts. It beats continuously, in a one day it beats up to 100,00 times, pumps the five or six of blood in a one minute, or approx 2,000 gallons per day.

In our environment pollution and many kind of unhealthy habits may creates a heart related problems. Unhealthy habits like alcohol drinking, smoking, eating unhealthy food, oily food that increases the amount of cholesterol, etc. So that’s why we need to protect heart from all kinds of problems.

Hashmi healthcare provides herbal syrup Hirdya Arogya that helps to protect your heart from these types of dieses. Its main function is to gives functionality to your heart to work properly and make you’re your heart healthy. Mainly syrup that have extra sugar in it, which increases the amount of calorie in requirements as glucose, fructose or high fructose that increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. But Hridya Arogya does not include excess amount of glucose amount in it, it have balanced amount of Glucose in it that gives brings your heart healthy.

Advantages of Hridya Arogya:-

  • Main advantage of Hridya Arogya is that it energy to your heart to wrok them properly.
  • Protect your heart from various kinds of diseses .

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