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Jaundice Syrup

Jaundice is also known to a name icterus, which will describe that, the yellowish of skin. White part of the eye becomes yellow due to the cause of hyperbilirubinemia. Hyperbilirubinemia means the excess amount of bilirubin is present in the blood that cause the blood becomes yellow. Bilirubin is a yellow colored chemical that will present in the blood (hemoglobin), the substance that carries the oxygen in blood cells. Main function of red blood cells to builds the new cells and replaces the dead cells from the body. The old cells that will replace by the red blood cells are processed by the liver. When liver can’t handle to replace these dead cells from the body than the amount of bilirubin increases and mixes with our all body fluids, and causes to skin looks like yellow.

Hashmi Herbal provides you a Jaundice Syrup that helps to prevent these kinds of problems. It helps liver to gives power to process the bilirubin. It gives power to the blood cells and liver to regenerate the new blood cells and processed the dead cells and gives extra power to body. This syrup reduces the congestion from the liver for allowing the easy free flowing of bile for digestion of food. It is a purely herbal treatment that gives you a effective result without any kind of side effect.

Benefits of Jaundice Syrup –

  • Herbal Syrup so that’s why no any kind of side effect of this syrup.
  • Prevent the liver from any kind problem.
  • Helps liver to regenerate/processed the bilirubin easily.
  • Prevent from viral Hepatitis and drug induced hepatitis.
  • It helps to reliving the liver infection and other complications.

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