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Madam Vita Syrup

In today 21st century many women’s are suffering from the problem of menstrual problem. This type of menstrual problem occurs at the age of adolescence. In adolescence age, many type of hormonal changes would be occur in a body. But due to genetic disorder problems many female face a problem o menstrual disorder. The body physical and psychological factors are responsible to the problem. Mainly the problem is called the disturbance in menstrual cycle or missing of cycle periods.

The starting of regular menstrual cycle in female start at the age of 12.77 years. The cycles occur in the female body between the 21-35 days with 3-10 days of bleeding and in this time the total 30-40mL loss will be loss from the female body. Menstrual disorder is classify as follows –

  • Amenorrhea (lack of bleeding the at cycle or too much of bleeding)
  • Dysmenorrheal (during the menstrual timing the feeling pain)
  • Menorrhagia (excessive bleeding)

Hashmi Herbal provides Madam Vita Herbal syrup that helps to prevent the menstrual disorder in females. It is made up of purely herbal ingredients that are will made the menstrual cycle balanced and gives the energy to body. It mainly works on the underlying cause of the menstrual imbalance.

Advantages Madam Vita –

  • Treat the hormonal imbalance in females.
  • Chromosomes are mainly responsible for the menstrual disorder, it balance the chromosomes in human body and provides relief from this disorder.
  • Treat the Amenorrhea, Dysmenorrheal, Menorrhagia.
  • Purely herbal ingredients are including in this so that’s why result would be comes out in herbal way.
  • No any kind of side effect of medicines.
  • Gives energy to body.

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